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French Wal-Mart

Today I went to a going-away party where I had my first experience with the South African barbecue tradition (braai).  It was delicious and I’m a big fan.  I also had fun getting to know the new teachers, but this post is more about my subsequent trip to Carrefour to stock my new refrigerator.

I saw some interesting things and probably missed great deals because I still can’t understand even enough characters to read a newspaper (something I’m reminded of nearly every morning as I wait for my 蛋餅 at the breakfast shop), but some things need no words.

However, since I only have a cellphone camera, let me help clarify that picture a little: that’s nearly a million kinds of mushrooms.  A mountain of mushrooms.  More mushrooms than you can shake a stick at.  It had no price on it, though, and I had already bought some unfamiliar vegetables (edible rape, anyone?  I really did buy it; how could I not?), so I refrained and decided to try it another day.  I did wind up buying some of those abalone mushrooms, though!  I’m excited to try cooking them all up tomorrow.


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As I was walking to the bus stop on Saturday, I passed a family of three.  I had my headphones in, so it took me a moment, but I realized the mother was saying “Excuse me! Excuse me!”  I thought I’d dropped something, but she wanted to know if I had a job.  When I said that I did, she asked if I had friends who might be looking for a job in September.  I selfishly and immediately thought of Michelle, but told the lady I would have to ask around.  She also insinuated that I could start there in September,  too, which I may wind up taking them up on if I can’t get a 6-month-only kindergarten contract where I am now.

The best parts of this whole encounter: the school is called Űncle Jïmmy Language School, and it’s really close to my house.

So, Michelle… interested?

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