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Sometimes I think about the size of Taiwan and it blows my mind.  This kind of weather forecast would never happen at home!

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Voyage of re-discovery

I went walking tonight to buy sundries, and I re-discovered how close I am to a really cute area near the Confucius and Bao-an Temples.  Less than 15 minutes walking put me in the midst of a mini-night market with a decent selection of street food!  I’ll have to go back with an empty stomach sometime.

I also discovered how much I need black clothes here, because I wore a navy blue shirt out and it was black when I got home.  I can’t put antiperspirant everywhere, so I’m thinking black is the only good choice.  Good thing I look nice in it!

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It’s so oppressive.  I itch all the time.  I went to toast some bread and cheese in the kitchen, and in the room with the tallest ceilings in the house, I could still feel sweat dripping everywhere.  I have taken to wearing the decorative sarong I bought in college as real clothing.  It’s probably time to resort to the air conditioner… that or spend all my time in public buildings.

I’m so happy I don’t live in Gaoxiong!


Update: I think Taipei is hotter?!

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Plum rain

In spite of the humidity, the recent weather has been pleasant; it’s now undeniably spring and the rains have come.  They’ve tapered off since the thunderstorm of my last post, but they’ve begun to bring something even better: that spring rain smell!  They’re also very gentle, more drizzles than showers, but they manage to keep from being sticky and oppressive.

On today’s run in Bali, we stayed on the road a lot, which was a blessing as I had new shoes and I brought a co-worker and friend along for her first exercise in a long time!  It wasn’t the most amazing hash, and the high point came early on, but there were some amusing bits where we ran through a golf club as members were playing and were thoroughly scolded by a security guard.  The last bit was also quite lovely, but cramped and very hard to run as the trees were very close and the undergrowth was very high!  It put me in mind of reading the descriptions of the Old Forest in The Fellowship of the Ring.

Now, the high point.  As we came up a steep hill, the road smoothed and flattened and we passed by some houses (not the lovely old brick ones, although we saw a beautiful example of that during the run) with a good concrete front yard.  Two little girls were playing and probably wondering at the unusually heavy traffic past their house, and when my friend and I came by, we were included in the game.  The game was waterguns.  It was so refreshing, and they were thrilled to shoot strangers.  They were adorable and accommodating (when I asked for more, they obliged immediately), and without a doubt the best thing all run.

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The past few days have been hellish.  The temperature’s been above 30°C and the humidity has been ridiculous, so when the rain woke me up the other night, I was overjoyed.  In the morning, however, the weather hadn’t really changed, and even though I took my umbrella to school, I didn’t need it until later in the afternoon (at which point I had lost it in Da’an Park).

That rain was surprising yet nice, but the good stuff didn’t really start until sometime during my evening classes.  As I was leaving, Jenny told me in was raining and let me know about the “lovely umbrellas.”  In Chinese, things done for the benefit of other people are all called “love.”  Perhaps charity is the best translation?

On the way home, the rain was really heavy and there was lightning every three or four minutes!  When I got off the bus, I couldn’t help but grin at every flash… until I remembered I’d left laundry in my window box.  Luckily, most of the big items were actually quite dry, but my underwear hanger wasn’t under the awning and in my haste to pull it inside, I lost two pairs on the roof below!  I grabbed my hanger-stick and threaded it and my arm through the window grating, painstakingly twisting the underwear onto the reaching-stick (not actually designed for hooking onto things).  Truly a ridiculous situation.

Now I’m looking forward to falling asleep to the pounding of rain on my neighbors’ tin window cages.  It’s a wonderful sound!

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June gloom

June gloom arrives early in Taipei, and is remarkably inconsistent.  May is the drab month here, but we’ve had some remarkably bright (and hot) days– just never on the weekend!  I lie; yesterday was quite nice, but I procrastinated going out to a nearby national park to go hiking and just enjoy nature because I thought it would be easier to do it today after dragon boat practice.

I woke up bright and (over an hour) early this morning to a power outage and the jackhammering of generators.  Since I couldn’t go back to sleep, I decided to stay up to take a cold shower to mitigate the 5am humidity and pack my purse for the day (hiking and work out clothes in the bag, dress for city wandering on me, tape to protect my hands– forgotten, washcloth to dry off with after practice– forgotten).  Somehow, I still wound up arriving at the MRT station a little to late to walk to practice, so I grabbed a cab and wasted 115元.  On the bright side, I didn’t sidetrack through a construction zone or shimmy under a fence today, which is more than I can say about last Sunday.

Practice went well despite increasingly heavy rain from 9am on, and afterward, I walked barefoot through the pouring rain with some teammates to the closest MRT.  It was excellent!  After talking with Rebecca, I decided to kill some time at Taipei 101 where there’s an excellent bookstore with a wide selection of English books.  I hadn’t been there before, but I got directions and set off.  Unfortunately, I set off in the wrong direction and had to hop out and retrace my steps back along the blue line.  It was a little irritating, but it cost me nothing but time.

Let me tell you: Page One is awesome.  I spent over 1500元 and I only regret it a tiny bit.  Their only flaw is that they don’t have enough cushy chairs.  The food court at Taipei 101 is also awesome, and I had a lunch I couldn’t finish for about $3.  The soup was an intriguing mix of guts and starchy vegetables topped with cilantro (I love how popular it is here!), and the rice with meat sauce and vegetables with meat sauce were delicious.

I met up with Rebecca and Steve and we went to Miramar to see Shrek 4.  I wasn’t too keen on the choice, but it was the lesser of 8 or 9 evils, and turned out to have a few good laughs.  It was also really nice to see my friends again, and it topped off a good day perfectly.

Parentheses overuse!  I do apologize.

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Lesson planning

Already! It’s the end of the third day of training and already I’m prepping a lesson plan for tomorrow. This is good, I suppose, since I’ll be teaching for real soon, but it is also very stressful. I’m not very good with the wrap-ups, but I just worked over a lot of these things with my team and I think tomorrow will go well.

On another note, it’s stopped raining here, and the street I walk along twice every day is interesting in the mornings and striking at night. Maybe I’ll buy a camera soon or get a camera phone and give you guys an idea of how it looks.

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