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Last day

I’m coming to the end of my last day in the US (airports don’t count), and I am almost done packing. Packing is always one of those things where you think “I could have done that better,” but never actually do. I almost made exhaustive lists and ran down them, but there was too much stuff, and as long as I have my paperwork and some clothes, I’m really okay.

Today was Shrove Tuesday, so there was a breakfast-for-dinner party that I was able to use as a send-off for myself and as a way to say goodbye to some church people, especially the ones that have been missing the last few weeks. I also find it more comfortable to mill around in someone’s home than in the normal after-church coffee hour, so it was a great time.

On an unrelated note, I am not going to beat my video game before I leave.  I wanted to beat just one game, but I keep getting my face eaten by stupid mutant things.  Everyone, please sympathize.  Empathize?

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