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Busy day!

For a day that was supposed to be a break day, I sure got a lot done yesterday!

I had arranged a few days before to go out to Xinzhuang and meet my head teacher and look for apartments, so I started my day a little later than normal with a taxi ride over the river and into Xinzhuang with my new boss André.  My first impression of the city was very favorable, since it was a beautiful day and I rode on the back of a hot guy’s scooter all day.  I hadn’t intended to get a scooter, but I think one will be up for sale soon at my branch, and I’ll probably buy it, especially since it’ll only be about $300 dollars.  SCOOTER!

So then we looked at places, and options are not amazing so far, which I will get to in another entry.  I saw my future workplaces and watched a class of 7-year-olds, which was both reassuring and terrifying.  Then I took a bus to Taipei Main Station (took about 20 minutes during rush hour) and rode the MRT up to hang with Rebecca.  She helped me buy a phone (it’s pretty nice!) and get everything activated, and then we walked around and eventually wound up at her place.  It was great to just hang out in someone’s house instead of being in training or being in a hotel; almost as good as having my own place.

Eventually, I had to head back because of training in the morning and the fact that the last subway runs at midnight.  There are many wonderful things about the MRT, but that is not one of them.  Another thing that sucks about the MRT and Taipei maps in general is that they do not always orient north, which means a lot of mental rotation and reading in Chinese, two things I am not good at.  Nevertheless, I made it back to the hotel safe and sound, despite the fact that it was about midnight.  What a chill city!


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Lesson planning

Already! It’s the end of the third day of training and already I’m prepping a lesson plan for tomorrow. This is good, I suppose, since I’ll be teaching for real soon, but it is also very stressful. I’m not very good with the wrap-ups, but I just worked over a lot of these things with my team and I think tomorrow will go well.

On another note, it’s stopped raining here, and the street I walk along twice every day is interesting in the mornings and striking at night. Maybe I’ll buy a camera soon or get a camera phone and give you guys an idea of how it looks.

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First day observations

Wax apples are great.
South African accents are awesome.
There’s a girl in my cohort who looks like Summer Glau.
There’s a guy who looks like Shia LeBouef and James Purefoy got stuck in a blender and came out as one unscathed person.
This teaching thing is going to take a lot of energy.

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