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A little night out

So happy to be back!Wednesday is our training-free day, so I went out for a relaxing night on the town with my good friend since I don’t have to be up so early tomorrow. She and her mother-in-law picked me up from my hotel, which was very nice of them, and took me on a meandering drive up to Danshui by way of Shilin, Tianmu, and Guandu. I got to see her new apartment (fantastic!) and say hi to Steve’s mom again, and once we had dropped her off, Rebecca and I wandered the night market street for food.

I got fried chicken from a stand I remembered from last time, and it was almost as good as I remembered. The smell and the spices were beautiful, but I think I should have paid for a better piece of meat. It was still tasty, though, and so were the sweet potato fries. Just being back in Danshui was wonderful, and I have a cute picture of me at the station with the night market behind me.

I also bought a SIM card and therefore a cell phone number, but I haven’t gotten the phone itself yet. I want to get a relatively nice one, and there’s a shop near me that has a big selection. Let me know if you want the number, and I’ll get it to you.


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