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Level of discourse

Spam comments are getting more confrontational these days!  Check out this little gem from today’s garbage can:

The next time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I mean, I do know it was my choice to read, however I truly thought youd have something attention-grabbing to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you might fix should you werent too busy in search of attention.

I had thought my neighborhood was pretty green, but I guess there must be some blue folks around...

I also noticed something on the way to work that supports my argument.  There’s been a DPP poster up for a good long time, but yesterday morning, I saw that someone had blacked out the candidate’s tooth.  As I walked past later that same day, a group of schoolkids was going the other direction.  One boy almost fell over when he spotted it, he was so excited to tell his classmates!  All he could say was “Her tooth!  Hey, you guys, look at her tooth!”  No one cared but him.

It’s okay, kid, I’m with you.  It may not be mature or even very effective, but it’s funny.  Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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That’s why

Recently, I switched jobs and I’ve been asked “Why Taiwan?” a lot.  Up until this morning, my answer begins with learning a language and ends with friends in Taiwan, since people invariably follow up with “Why not China?”  Rarely do I have to pull out my $140 reason to not go to China, which is a nice jokey way of avoiding political discussions.

But while the $140 tourist visa is really only a short-term deterrent, the Great Firewall is not only long-term, but also apparently ever-growing.  I read a few blogs out of China, and this morning’s Sinosplice about the crackdown on VPNs only increased my confidence that Taiwan was the right choice.  Taiwan absolutely has its faults, but none so great as China’s.

ETA: At some point in my past I was woefully misinformed about the cost of a tourist visa.  I have just now discovered it’s $30.  囧

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The elementary school just down the road from me plays songs on its bell system, and it’s been bugging me since I moved in that I couldn’t remember what a certain lunchtime song was.  Today, I finally remembered midomi.com and within 2 minutes, I had worked it out that it was Dvorak’s New World Symphony.  Sweet success!

Now I just need to figure out how to conquer little Mr. ADHD in my Tuesday class (I’ll have him again on Friday), and how to get my junior high class to talk.  I think a lot of it is the textbook, which sucks pretty hard.  Hopefully, the next level will be better, since theirs is a pretty flexible curriculum.

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Reading Chinese

Anna, this is mainly for you, but everyone should find it pretty cool.  If you want to get more familiar with the characters I throw out in the course of this blog, try this add-on for Firefox.  It’s really cool and extremely helpful.  If you use other browsers, you’ll have to do your own research, but please share any good finds in the comments!


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Internet famous

You guys, I am in a webcomic!

It’s not quite as exciting as it seems, since the artist solicited readers to be in a big party scene, but I still think it’s kind of cool and maybe you guys all want to see.  I’m the one with glasses in teal on the center left, fending off the admiral.

I actually found out about this the day I got to Taiwan, but I was too tired to say anything, and I just remembered now.  So, have fun with that, I guess.  Also, happy Peace Day (commemorates a massacre here in Taiwan)!

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