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The moon rising beside Taipei 101.

Today was a joyous revelation and a crushing realization of limitations.  In class yesterday, our teacher introduced the topic of businesses taking midday rests along with some pros and cons.  Today, we had the debate (with basically no preparation).

I took the pro side because I truly agree and I thought I had the proper language to make my case.  My teammate was the weakest student in class, and although he’s really been improving in this level, I knew I would be doing most of the talking.  Zhang asked me to begin and the words just flowed!  I was thrilled.  When my turn came again, however, I fumbled everything and that’s where the crushing realization came in.  Immersion is not enough, and Chinese is going to be an eternal struggle.  It will not be a lovely, comfortable language like Spanish, but a secretive, twisty bitch that requires never-ending attention and devotion.  That’s my fear, anyway.

The debate continued, and I just reveled in exercising my argumentative muscles and catching my slips too late and seeing my opponents latch on and make the points I had accidentally yielded.  Clearly, I need a lot more exercise, but I had forgotten how fun a good debate can be.  To be sure, it helped that it wasn’t a terribly controversial point, but what else are we going to talk about at our level?  The coming elections and the merits of each party’s positions?  Actually, I bet we could!

Just very, very slowly.

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It’s so oppressive.  I itch all the time.  I went to toast some bread and cheese in the kitchen, and in the room with the tallest ceilings in the house, I could still feel sweat dripping everywhere.  I have taken to wearing the decorative sarong I bought in college as real clothing.  It’s probably time to resort to the air conditioner… that or spend all my time in public buildings.

I’m so happy I don’t live in Gaoxiong!


Update: I think Taipei is hotter?!

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Technological difficulties

I went to the Flora Expo today (by free bus; my favorite kind!) and took many wonderful pictures and videos.  However, my Bluetooth connection is acting up, so I can’t get the pictures onto my computer.  Please patiently bear with me and check out this bizarre and random “Florapedia” page on the Expo’s website.

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The glass is… not broken?

Every time I get fed up with my job (bear in mind today was my first day back from vacation, yet I still feel the need to vent), I look at this picture and remind myself that it could be worse.  For this reason I say the glass may be empty, but at least it isn’t cutting my mouth to ribbons when I try and drink from it.

Positive thinking!!!


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Feels like it’s been forever

I’d like to say I have a good excuse for being away so long, but I really don’t.  I’ve had visitors, true, but mostly what I’ve had is a overwhelming lack of interest.  My schedule has been expanded and changed a bit, and I now have a three-days-a-week class, which I originally thought would be great, but has turned out to be unforeseen amounts of work and parental bitching.

I did some enjoyable traveling, and I’ll put up those things as soon as I have the time and inclination.  I just wanted to give a quick explanation for the huge gap since my last post.

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Housing envy

I had a fun night tonight, on which I will elaborate tomorrow, but I must first bitch about my roommate’s amazing good fortune.  She is going to a city very near mine and living just across the river off the MRT.  She’ll be living with two other teachers at her branch, and the place they have is amazing.  Since they’ve been living there for a while, it’s fully furnished and nicely decorated, and it has a washer and a dryer.  The floors are wood instead of tile or linoleum, and the ceilings are lofty.  High speed internet is included and utilities only come to 1000NT each month, and that’s with 4 air conditioners.  Not only that, but the girl she’s replacing left her the keys to her old scooter.  Holy dang!

Meanwhile, I’ve only seen three places, none of which was furnished with anything (including AC and fridges), and one of which was already rented.  I feel like my management is not trying very hard, probably because my head teacher has a furnished empty room where I can stay until I find something else.  Conflict of interest?!?!  It’s not like it’s a bad place, but he’ll be moving out in August and I don’t want to take over the lease, and I think it would be irritating to move after 6 months, especially since I just did it in September.

The plan is to look around on Monday at some more places, but I think they’ve resorted to an agent, which means I have to pay a fee of 1/2 a month’s rent to the agent.  This is not ideal, but I don’t really know what else I can do.  Maybe my friends in Danshui can help me out since she speaks Chinese and he’s a native…

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