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She’s everywhere


I haven't seen the car since I took this picture, and I feel a strange sense of loss.

I took this picture about two months ago, sort of near my house.  This is no joke!  Look a little closer and you’ll see that’s Hello Kitty on that car.  On that fuchsia car.  On that hideous P.T. Cruiser/normal car filthy love-child car.  Hello Kitty is definitely popular here, but I think the kids are a little more into SpongeBob these days.  I actually read an article in the New York Times recently about how she’s dying and just how much effort goes into creating a brand like her.


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I had to buy new toothpaste the other day, and I knew immediately which one I wanted to buy: the racist one.

Totally not a minstrel.

Is it because I hate black people?  No.  Is it because I want to make fun of Taiwan’s marketing and bizarre sense of what’s acceptable?  Pretty much!  Probably the funniest part is that the toothpaste used to be called Darkie until it was deemed insensitive and they whited up the minstrel and changed one letter.  Problem solved!

Also, I had to get this one because I wanted to try lemon mint.  Not bad, really.

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