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These past two days have been a little surreal: it’s starting to get hotter, and for the past two nights, I haven’t been able to sleep more than 30 minutes at a stretch.  Fortunately, I’m not feeling terribly tired, but the despair that comes from not sleeping is pretty irritating at 4am.  My plan for tonight, if the heat, heat-induced bug bite sensations, and actual bug bites continue to prevent sleep, is to go walking or running when there aren’t people around to gawk, then soak in a bath and watch TV and movies.  The bugs don’t bite during the day, so I’ll just sleep tomorrow.

I didn’t expect today to be an amazing day at work, but it was remarkably good.  As I was walking to my first class, one of my other Kids’ Club classes barreled up to me and shoved small gray things in my face.  “Teacher, TEACHER!!!!”  I have never felt so old, because I had to grab the girl’s arm and move the object back before I could even see that it was something like a shell.  The way they were carrying on, I thought it was a bug, but it turned out they all had hermit crabs, and once I figured it out, I asked to hold it, at which point I yelled in pain a few times, which they didn’t believe but still seemed to like.

My first class is full of smart and quick kids who are very eager to please, and so it’s always a fun way to start a Thursday.  My second class is usually more stressful because they are older, more numerous, unenthusiastic and have problems.  Two or three girls could be diagnosed brain dead, I think, and one boy has ADD and I’d say his seatmate should be tested too.  However, two weeks ago, a number of them were absent and because of the story we were reading, I was able to work in a ghost story (if you’re wondering, it was the “Now I’ve gotcha, now I’m gonna eatcha!” booger one) with the lights turned low.  I tried to tell it with a lot of repetition, as it’s meant to be told, but also so they could understand more clearly, and I think the humor of the story and the break in routine shook them out of their stupor a bit.  Last week, a number of kids were absent again and we had a review lesson for their upcoming test which made it easier to focus on individuals, and this week was the start of a new level which always feels promising.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as well, since I’ve got a Cinco de Mayo party on Saturday and another dragon boat practice on Sunday, not to mention PAYDAY on Friday.  Fun times!!!


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And neither are any of my students.  This is success in anyone’s book, right?  Except maybe Death’s… he’s not doing his job if people aren’t dying.

But my job is not death; my job is teaching small Taiwanese children English, and I think it was pretty successful.  The first class went quite smoothly in spite of Gigi’s best efforts in the beginning, and I think I managed her well by ignoring a lot of what she did unless it involved answering my questions.  She came around in the middle of the class I think, so that should be an enjoyable group.  My second class was a little older, and I think I verged on boring them to death toward the end, but in my defense, I had to teach who and whom so… that is hard for native speakers to do properly.  On the bright side, I think that class mostly liked me, since I tried very hard to amuse them with my inability to remember their names.  Also, I’m reasonably certain one boy in the front row has a crush on me.  His name, according to the class?  Poo-poo king.  Yes.

Then I got a scooter ride home and found there was pizza, beer, and company!  My boss/roommate/landlord invited over some other NSTs and we had a nice sit-and-eat-and-chat.  Good day, despite the on-and-off stomach nerves from waking to 4:39pm.  The earthquake was a good start to the day, I guess!

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