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Philsophical biology

I haven’t written about students in a while, so here’s a sweet story about a great reading class I have.  This type of class is my favorite textbook class, using a really well-designed and well-written National Geographic textbook.  It doesn’t hurt that the students aren’t bad either: 2 high school students and one woman who’s a little older.  I used to have another high schooler, but time constraints caused her to drop the class.  She’s the reason I’m writing, though: I want to talk about one of the funniest things I’ve heard a student say recently.

As our first class was about animals doing unusual and surprising things, we played that game where you write your three favorite animals and some adjectives, and then discover that the first means such and such, the second means this, etc.

As they searched for the best adjectives, Kiki was looking for good descriptors for dinosaurs, and our conversation went almost exactly like this:

K: I don’t have a dinosaur with, so I don’t know what to say.  I have big, friendly, and cute.

M: I… don’t think dinosaurs are really like that.  Big, yes.  Maybe strong?  Powerful?  I would have to say violent.  [demonstration of violent]

K: But that’s not the dinosaur in my heart.

Adorable!  I only wish I could accurately portray her tone and manner as she said it…

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Another Chinese essay

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure why my teacher assigned this task, but I quite enjoyed the way it echoed a middle school writing assignment where I wrote as a pair of shoes.  I think?  Maybe it was high school.  Who can remember these things?

This post is a little different from the facebook one in that I’m including my intended translation, same as last time, for my Chinese-challenged friends.  I’ll also link up the Google machine translation because it’s frakking hilarious.





An Anthropomorphic Riddle

My friends and I stand waiting for people to come and choose us.  We live in a huge hall, and sleep on hard beds.  Who comes to see us?  Researchers, students, scientists; all humanity can freely search within our bodies for data, information, and stories.

Once you’ve found me, how do you find the information you need?  I can’t speak, so you must open me up and turn through my viscera.  Don’t get goosebumps; this kind of action doesn’t disturb me!  My only goal is to help you.

What am I?

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