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An evening of geek

Tonight as I walked home from work, I had such a confluence of geekiness I couldn’t quite believe it myself.  I was listening to a college classmate’s band (which rocks like System of a Down, A Perfect Circle, and little bit of Coheed and Cambria) and thinking how well it would complement a science fiction show a high school/college classmate is involved in.  As I did this, I walked was walking past the goose-in-a-pot store (they have a LOT of goose–a lot of ALL the goose parts everywhere) and I saw a middle-aged man wearing black pants and a long-sleeved plain red shirt.  On a normal day, this is enough for a private Star Trek smile, but he took in one better: he was wearing a small bag slung across one shoulder that could have easily been a tricorder.  Seriously, the resemblance was close enough that I almost did a double-take.

Guys, this is why I don’t have a boyfriend.

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The glass is… not broken?

Every time I get fed up with my job (bear in mind today was my first day back from vacation, yet I still feel the need to vent), I look at this picture and remind myself that it could be worse.  For this reason I say the glass may be empty, but at least it isn’t cutting my mouth to ribbons when I try and drink from it.

Positive thinking!!!


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