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3-day weekend!

This weekend was quite eventful, and I really enjoyed it. Friday was essentially a day off from work, although I still went to class and then taught kindergarten, but Saturday and Sunday were as vacation-y as it’s possible to be when there are obligations like race start times and opening ceremonies. I look forward to perfect freedom next weekend, but this weekend was great for socializing and getting me out of Xinzhuang.

Even the non-stop rain was not terrible, although I am worried about my shoes now.  I don’t want them to mildew; they’re the only good pair I’ve got!

To tide you over until the next posts, wherein I will really talk about the weekend, please enjoy some crazy fast food toys I took pictures of a while ago in a weird sushi-burrito place with Rebecca and Steve.  Please note that these are not available from the restaurant, but are probably the owner’s private collection.

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