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Free croissant!

My goal today was to spend less than 100NT, and since I get free lunch after kindergarten, it’s really not that hard.  However, my money stretched a little farther than I expected this evening!  There’s a new bakery across the street from me, and while the selection has been a bit narrow when I’ve gone in before, I think that has a little more to do with the time of day I’ve visited.  Today, I planned on getting a croissant filled with cubes of very real(-tasting?) cheese for around $1 US.  The place was packed around 6:00, and there were tons of rolls and loaves and buns and other fantastic pastries.

As I stood in line, one of my better students noticed me, and we said hello.  She was with her mom, and I greeted her as well (but I’m kicking myself for not practicing Chinese).  They were behind me in line, and as she set down her tray, she leaned over and told the bakery girl to put my food on her bill.  What a kind gesture!  They told us in training that teaching was a highly respected profession here, but I was a little doubtful considering the fact that I’d be a cram school teacher, not a “real” teacher.  It’s quite possible I was wrong, and my mistake was delicious.

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