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Read-a-thon update

I only read just over 100 pages, which is pretty abysmal for me.  It’s just that I had so many things to do (successfully completed most of them!), but the reading breaks were welcome.

Next year will be excellent, I’m sure!


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Grading tests


Obviously, my CT and I have not been drilling spelling hard enough.

Ladies and gentlemen: phonics.


Another paper, post-correction.

These are both tests I graded today, and while I didn’t quite feel like a failure, I know that spelling drills are going to play a big part of the next few classes to get them in a good habit. On a final note, here’s one of those where you know exactly what was running though the kid’s brain, but can’t help but process it another way.


This is my student that comes to class in tight black clothes with a pretentious beret and a cigarette.

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